5 Tips for Traveling with your Pets

Travel With Pets Tips

There are times when you can’t just leave your pets at home, with friends, or in pet boarding facilities when traveling. In such situations, you need to take extra care and caution to keep your pets safe when in transit. Whether you are traveling on land or by air, here are some helpful tips for traveling with your pets.


Just like human beings need to hydrate, pets need to hydrate also. Keep an extra gallon of water with you when traveling with your pets, so you can keep them hydrated on the way. This may be hard to practice if you’re flying with your pets. However, if it is a road trip, you should find it easy to do this.

Make sure your pet is fit to fly

When it comes to flying with pets, you need to put aside all sentiments. If your pet is too young, too old, or sick, you should not fly with it. You should see a vet when planning a trip to help you determine if it is safe for your pet to fly with you.

Use a well-ventilated carrier

When traveling with pets, there is need for good ventilation. For this, there are several wire mesh and plastic carriers available to transport pets. A good carrier should give your pet enough space to stand, sit, and turn around. Try to get your pets used to carriers in the comfort of your home before going on a trip with them in one.

Keep your pet’s head on the inside

Pets, especially dogs, like to stick their heads out the window while the car is moving. You need to discourage this as it can cause ear problems and lung infections. Also, flying objects can cause injuries to your pet if their head is sticking out. Keep them in their carriers and or inside the car with the windows up.

Book pet friendly hotels

It can be quite disappointing to get to a hotel you’ve booked and not be allowed access with your pets. Make sure you book a hotel that allows pets, so that you won’t be left stranded when you arrive. If there are no hotels that allow pets where you’re going, it is better you leave your pet with a family member or at a pet boarding facility.

If you can’t bring your pets with you on your travels, there are several options available. You can keep them with your neighbors, your family members, or in a good pet boarding facility. If you are planning to travel with your pet, make sure it is in good health and use the tips discussed above.




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