How I Made My Website

I’ve had a lot of people reaching out to me lately asking how I created my Website. I had a lot of help from Aunt Lizzy, so we wanted to share our tips so you can create a website for your dog, too.

Build Website With WordPress

We built this Website using WordPress. It was super easy to use and we were so happy with the theme we chose.

If you are ready to start making your own website, click here to sign up using our affiliate link.

Sign Up For ShareASale Affiliate Program

After we created my Website, we signed up for ShareASale. By joining pet affiliate programs, we get paid commissions when we promote a product I love and my readers order it for their pups.

You can sign up for ShareASale for your website through our affiliate link here.

I also signed up for the Amazon Associates program, so I can link to all my favorite products on Amazon.

Plus, I have my own Etsy Shop! You can buy your fur-baby a handmade (by my Mama) princess tutu or unicorn costume here: Reign Of Lola on Etsy.

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